World of the Fae Places & Fae of the Veil This is what I believe the Virtues saw
the day they prayed to their Creator
when they were trying to get back to
the Shining Kingdom
Lady Serena Hogal's statue of Lady Serena Jarvok as the Shooting Star Jarvok's Landing site The Dark Fae King: Jarvok Blood Haven: Home of the Dark Fae The Light Fae Queen: Aurora Court of Light: Home of the Light Fae The Veil The River Nimbue The Trees of the Forehlina Forest The Bridge of Oroki Niamia Falls Merfolk Garden The Crystal Catacombs Power Angel Memorial Nang Mai Forest The Sacred Grove Valley of Ignis Grando Dragonian Faction THE DRACONIAN FACTION Dragor: Leader of the Draconian
Faction Fire-Breather
Raycor: Acid-Breather Yanka: Ice-Breather Los: Chameleon dragon Grand Master of the Water Kelpies.
Cousins to the Draconian Faction,
they reside in the River Ness.
The Oaken Door ending