Light Fae

Xi/Queen Aurora: Virtue Angel and Guardian of the Wind. She renounces her angelic name “Xi” when on top of the mountain in Birth of the Fae: Locked out of Heaven, chapter one. Her fellow Virtues make her their queen when she assumes the responsibility of caretaker to all after the shooting star. When she is crowned as queen, they award her the name “Aurora.” They chose that name because she brought hope and light. Aurora coins the acronym FAE and becomes Queen of the Court of Light. Aurora is naive and wants to help her kin instead of dealing with her own pain. She takes on the role of a mother figure instead of monarch early on in her reign. She lacks self-confidence in her first test as queen when dealing with the humans; she thinks she has to do everything by herself. This leads to her debacle with the primitive humans. She grows into her power but still misses the clues in front of her with regards to who to trust. She wants to believe the best of her kin but deep down is holding on to old beliefs with the Power Angels. She is intelligent and diplomatic.

Long crimson red hair, turquoise colored eyes, oval shaped face with high set cheek bones. Her bottom lip is just a bit larger than her top lip, but they are both full. Her neck is long and swan-like, she is petite only standing at 6’0″, small for an angel. Her body is womanly with grace, very proportioned. She is not muscular, but not soft, she has some tone to her. When she had angelic wings, they were white with gilded gold tips to denote her as a Virtue Angel and a Guardian of the Wind.

Serena/Finned Virtue: Virtue Angel and Guardian of the Oceans. She is first introduced to the readers as the finned Virtue, the nameless Power Brigade Angel meets early on in Birth of the Fae: Locked out of Heaven. Lady Serena is Queen Aurora’s best friend and claims to be the first to combine with the element she swore to protect. Abandoning her Virtue status, she becomes the first mermaid and leader of the Merfolk Faction. She acts as Aurora’s conscience and her cheerleader. She plays dumb to others but is very shrewd. The bishops do not like the influence she has on the queen.

Physical Description: Serena has a beautiful face, with sea glass green colored eyes, full lips and long waist-length wavy hair streaked in hues of blonde, she has a rainbow-colored tail.

Desdemona: Power Angle/Virtue Angel. Captain of the Illuminasqua Army. She is the only member of the Illuminasqua that is known by name. She is Queen Aurora’s personal bodyguard. The only Power Brigade Angel to exalt to Virtue status for her sacrifice in saving Archangel Gabriel from Lucifer. She wields an Elestial Blade and has a history with Jarvok. Aurora asks her to take an Oath: “Loyalty to the kin not to

Physical Description: She stands 5″11, with midnight black hair and bangs she wears to the left of her face to cover her Angelite disc scar, the tips of her bangs are red. Her face is angular with stormy grey eyes. Her body is toned and akin to that of a modern day professional fighter.

Night Shade: Member of the Illuminasqua Army, unofficial second-in-command. She is Captain Desdemona’s protégée. She is a true Fae of the earth, no information is known of her original faction, as is the standard protocol of all Illuminasqua. Night Shade garnered Desdemona’s attention by showing an innate skill in learning Syncron.

Physical Description: She stands at 6″5’.

Hogal: A Virtue Angel. Friend to Queen Aurora. A gnome, one of the few remaining metal gnomes left after the Fae War. He is an artist, a master of metal work. Official Royal Metal-Smith. He speaks in a unique dialect, with a salty attitude. Hogal initially bonded with the earth and found himself trapped unable to speak, eventually he freed himself, but the experience left him emotionally scarred. His speech pattern was affected and he had a difficult time reengaging with those around him. His gifts grew exponentially and he developed a language with the minerals of the earth.

Physical Description: Hogal stands at 4’5″, with white wiry hair and large calloused hands.

Lady Ambia: A Virtue Angel. Royal Healer to Queen Aurora. Lady Ambia is of the Calendula Faction of Fae. To walk the healer’s path means that a Fae rebukes any elemental powers. They are to heal never harm. Lady Ambia is the best of the healers, she does not take any apprentices but, she oversees all the teachings of her clan.

Physical Description: Spiral antlers decorated with marigolds, White hair streaked in powder blue and candy pink hues, cornflower blue eyes, tall and lithe.

Lady Danaus: A Virtue Angel. Leader of the Viceroy Faction of Fae. Her faction acts as Guardians of the Butterflies. One of the few female Fae Ladies to hold a secondary house standing with shorter hair. She is known to have her trail of butterflies who follow her everywhere she goes since she lost her life partner General Jayden in the Battle of Drystan during the Fae Wars. Jayden sacrificed herself to save those around her and died a hero at the claws of an Acid Breather. Lady Danaus did not take another mate after Jayden met her Oblivion and she cut her hair short in honor of her lost love. Danaus’ butterflies follow her trying to keep her from being sad all the time, as she misses her lost love. Danaus is a fierce warrior in her own right wielding a broadsword and has a gigantic carnivorous monarch butterfly named Sunshine who acts as her loyal protector in extreme circumstances.

Malascola: Virtue Angel. Leader of the Spelaion Faction of Fae, gnome, cave dweller. First to find the hand paintings signifying the arrival of humans on earth.

Physical Description: small stocky stature, Green skinned, bearded with hues of green and gold, sigil tattoos of purple cover his bald head.

Theadova: Virtue Angel. Leader of the Aubane Faction of Fae. Their young are hunted by the primitive humans, while the adult white stags are worshiped by the same humans. He becomes a close friend and advisor to Queen Aurora.

Physical Description: Large white Deer with golden gilded antlers.

Aded/Arceria: Virtue Angel. A Fae of the Dinay Mera clan, minor elemental control of water. He is worshipped as Aded, a rain god by the Humans. He is murdered by Zion during an archaic pagan ceremony. His death marks the beginning of the civil war of the Fae.

The Bishops

The bishops are advisors to the queen, there is no religious connotation to the title of Bishop. Each represents an element for two reasons. The first is to make sure all factions best interests are equally represented, the second is to bring the wisdom each element inherently holds.

⦁ Earth- to ground the queen in her ideas.
⦁ Air-carry her ideas through the kingdom.
⦁ Water- to help her ideas flow.
⦁ Fire- insight passion for ideas.

The Bishops leave their respective factions once they are chosen to serve the queen, they must only have loyalty to their queen. They have no further contact with their family or faction. Bishop Ward, is the exception as his niece becomes a ward of the court of Light later on when his niece Indiga’s parents are murdered. Indiga is a baby and Queen Aurora allows the baby to be raised in the palace as he has no other family to take her in. The dobbies in the palace take on most of the responsibilities of raising Indiga.

The Bishop’s rank is by who has served the queen the longest. Each Bishop acts as a Liaison to different power pockets and monarchs in Europe, this is determined by seniority.

The first adviser deals with the Vatican, Spain, Papal States

The second adviser deals with France, England, Ireland
The third adviser deals with Sardina, Portugal, Greece, Italy

The fourth adviser deals with Crete and newer monarchies or states.


Bishop Ingor: Virtue Angel, 1st advisor to the queen. Precedes Bishop Geddes, he is there at the beginning of the Court of Light and the creation of the Veil. He is a Salamander and of the Fire element. He dies during the war; Bishop Geddes takes his place as the 1st advisor and Bishop Awynn replaces him as a fire element. Wields a staff of hickory with a fire opal crystal.

Physical description: Shorter stature, but lean. Auburn hair with glints of orange highlights at the tips. He wears his hair in a ponytail falling to his upper back. His eyes are red irises with yellow pupils. His face is long, and his nose is aquiline with a thin mouth. His cheekbones are high, with a reptilian quality. He stands at 5″11’.

Bishop Geddes: Virtue Angel, 1st advisor to the queen, after Ingor’s death. He is the eldest of all the bishops. He has the power to control earth. He is the Liaison to the Vatican. He feels he can intimidate Desdemona due to her diminutive stature. Geddes is power hungry and believes in the old angelic ways. He is unapologetic in his dislike for the Power Angels or Desdemona. Staff of elm wood with a tree agate crystal.

Physical Description: He is 6’5′, average height for Fae, with broad shoulders. He has dark brown hair with a matching goatee, he keeps trimmed and clean. He has steely, blue eyes with flecks of green. His hair is long in the traditional bishop’s ponytail. He has a narrow face with a straight nose that is a bit crooked to the left. His eyebrows have some flecks of green and gray to indicate his earth connection.

Bishop Ward: Virtue Angel, 2nd advisor to the queen, has the power to control air. His faction is Caelam. He is the liaison to France and King Henry the Eighth. Staff made of teak with a citrine crystal.

Physical description: Golden colored hair, as if it was spun from gold. He is the most classically handsome of all the bishops. Oval shaped face, blue eyes, full lips. He is athletic lean and average height for a Fae.

Bishop Caer: Virtue Angel, 3rd advisor to the queen, has the power of hydrokinesis. He is the Liaison to the royal families of Greece and Italy, but not the Vatican. Staff of birch wood with a chrysocolla crystal.

Physical Description: Green hair with lighter shades of aqua highlights. His eye color matches his hair, his frame is skinny, not lean and very tall over 6’8″.