Dark Fae

Nameless Power Brigade Angel/King Jarvok: Power Brigade Angel, he is the nameless warrior the readers meet in chapter two “A Warrior with no Name.” As a member of the Power Brigade, his identity is taken away from him as a display of his loyalty to the Shining Kingdom he has sworn to protect. He takes his name back at the end of chapter five and goes on to become the leader of the Court of Dark. All Power Angels male or female are required to keep their hair short as it is logical in terms of combat. He tends to pull on the hairs at the nape of his neck when nervous or anxious. Jarvok redesigned the Kyanite armor after he organized the Powers on Earth to create a much more intimidating silhouette. Jarvok, is the most skilled Power Angel on Earth, has mastery over 200 weapons, but prefers his Elestial Blade and his blue Kyanite staff for certain situations. He is fiercely loyal to his kin; he has had no previous relationships to note. He declares war on the Court of Light because he is afraid the Virtue Angels will try to enslave the Powers and force them back into the old angelic hierarchy. Having tasted the sweet nectar of free will; he feels it is better to die free than live with no choice.                                   

Physical Description: Before the shooting star incident, Jarvok has jet short, black hair. Jarvok is rugged looking, with a square jaw and chiseled features. He is attractive but not in a boyish way. His eyes are a deep honey color but change to green when he is angry or in battle. He is tall and broad, with more muscle than Zion. He stands at 7 feet tall. His wings were crystal white and brilliant as a Power Angel, a symbol of Commander Gabriel’s Power platoon. After he crashed back to earth, Jarvok lost all his hair. It grew back white, with black tips. The black tips eventually faded, and his hair was completely white. He now currently wears his hair long, just above mid back. Due to the heat from re-entry, part of his Kyanite armor burned into his skin, his right gauntlet at his forearm melted into his skin as parts of the liquefied crystal cooled it tracked up his arm solidifying in his burn scars. Part of his right shoulder piece fused into his chest and deltoid as well. Most of his right arm is burned. His neck shows signs of being burned. Other burned areas are healed. He has a scar on his face that runs diagonally from the middle of his right cheek to the corner of his right lip from Desdemona. 

Rescuing Power Brigade Angel/ Zion: He is the Power Brigade Angel who goes down into the crater to rescue the wounded Power Angel. Upon finding the wounded Power Angel, he learns they have been abandoned by God. He becomes 2nd in command to King Jarvok (the wounded Angel he was sent to rescue). Zion is cocky, with a modern day frat boy attitude in regards to his relationships. He has a brotherly love for Lieutenant Asa and is very protective of her though she needs no protection. He thinks he loves Desdemona, whether he does or it is a case of the one who got away, he is not sure. He keeps his true feelings for Desdemona to himself. 

Physical Description: Zion is tall, standing at 6’8″, he is athletic but lean, he has the body of an Olympic gymnast. His hair is black with deep blue highlights. He looks androgynous, with full lips, deep and dark sapphire blue almond-shaped eyes, an oval-shaped face. is skilled with a variety of weapons but prefers a bow staff much like his king when taking on groups of assailants. Former member of Archangel Michael’s Power Platoon.  

Asa: Power Brigade Angel. She is a fierce warrior and assists Zion in rescuing Jarvok from the crater. She becomes King Jarvok’s 3rd lieutenant. She has empathic abilities and can sense her enemies’ intentions and emotions. Jarvok uses it to his advantage in battle. Each time she uses her abilities, it causes a visible scar to form. She does not consider herself attractive because of them and therefore relies on her combative skills to remain useful. Asa is proficient in hand-to-hand fighting and close-range techniques. Her smaller frame makes it easy for her to grapple. She hasn’t had many relationships, it is unclear if she has ever aura blended. Her closest friend is Lieutenant Zion, whom she regards as a brother in every sense of the word. Asa is Zion’s heart; she balances him as he reminds her to have fun and see the beauty in herself. Pria and Yagora pick on Asa and see her as a weak link or an obstacle in their quest for power. Asa has a saying for her ice dragon Yanka whenever they part: “My heart only melts for you.”  Former member of Archangel Michael’s Power Platoon.  

Physical Description: Asa is a walking contradiction in looks and emotions, her hair is ice blue with streaks of royal blue and turquoise by book two. She has one ice blue eye and one white eye. Her lips are black, her face and body are scarred from her abilities. The scars on her body differ from the ones on her face. Her facial scars are not raised, they are patterned and shimmer, and she wears a mask to conceal them. Asa is smaller than some of the other Power Angels, standing under 6 foot not as petite as Desdemona but small for a Power Angel no less. 

Pria: Member of the High Council Guard. Has a history with Zion. Former member of Archangel Raphael’s Power Platoon.  

Physical Description: Honey-colored skin, long aqua/teal wavy hair, Aqua eyelashes, Tall 6’3″. Long lithe body, small chested. Deep set eyes. 

Yagora: Member of the High Council Guard. Is blood thirsty and easily riled up. Has a close possibly romantic relationship with Pria. Tangles with Aurora at the Battle of the Red Sea. Former member of Archangel Raphael’s Power Platoon.  

Physical Description: Black and white hair, white hair is long, black hair on left side is short. Tall 6’2″. More of a muscular build, very pretty face, soft features but prefers to be seen as fierce. 

Azrael- Member of the High Council Guard. Former member of Archangel Michael’s Power Platoon and former armory guard and blacksmith assistant for the Shining kingdom.

Physical Description: Chestnut brown hair, lavender eyes with large black rings. Azrael is as tall as Lt. Zion but broader.

Ezekiel- Member of the High Council Guard. Former member of Archangel Raphael’s Power Platoon.  

Physical Description: Lithe and flexible, blonde shaggy hair with light blue eyes.    

Jonah- Member of the High Council Guard. Former member of Archangel Uriel’s Power Platoon.  

Physical Description: One of the larger high council guard members in both height and girth, dark brown hair with piercing green eyes. 

Mystical and sacred items for the Dark Fae

Angelite Disc: Angelite was formed from God’s tears when Lucifer betrayed him. The Angelite disc was embedded into every Power Angel’s forehead, and either it took to an angel, or it did not. If it did, they were a Power. If it did not, Oblivion was the other option. The process was painful but part of the Power Brigade initiation. Once the disc bonded with a Power Brigade Angel, their commanding archangel inscribed his sigil on it with his Elestial Blade, this made it possible for a Power Brigade Angel to communicate with their commanding archangel as well as for their commander to sense where they were at any time. The disc allowed the Glory of the Shining Kingdom to flow through a Power Brigade Angel, with it they could heal injuries faster, communicate with their brigade so they worked as one mind and it can store a small reserve of Glory for emergencies.  

Elestial Blade: A Power Angel’s most valuable weapon. Elestial Quartz blessed by God and fashioned into a blade. It was implanted into a Power Angel’s body once they made rank. Each blade was blessed by the Power’s commanding archangel, if that Power falls in battle only another member of that Archangel’s Brigade can acquire the fallen angel’s Elestial Blade, ensuring it does not fall into enemies’ hands. The blade is powered by the aura of the Power Brigade Angel that wields it. It is an energy blade in sync with the angel that holds it. The glow of the blade depends on the archangel who blessed it, the initial energy it is imbued with comes from the Power Brigade’s Commanding Archangel:

  • Archangel Michael: Blue
  • Archangel Gabriel: White
  • Archangel Uriel: Red
  • Archangel Raphael: Green 

Kyanite Armor: A black directional crystal makes up the Power Angel’s battle armor because of its ability to ground the wearer’s energy while offering unique protective and healing abilities. The crystal pushed any excess negative energy from the aura down into the earth and drew up positive energy, creating a shield of positivity around the wearer. The aura was the reflection of every creature’s energetic, emotional and physical connection to its plane of existence. The colors represented emotions, ailments and in the case of war—vulnerabilities. The aura links to each being’s core, drawing its information from the chakras—seven distinct energetic pools of emotion. Each one is plugged into the creature’s emotional conscience, the most important characteristic of Black Kyanite crystal is it destroys negative energy and never needs to be cleansed. Jarvok changes the design after he names forms the Court of Dark. The silhouette becomes more menacing, each Fae gets to personalize their armor no longer are they identical.