Excerpt from: Birth of the Fae: Thine Eyes of Mercy
Book Two, Vol I
Chapter Sixteen: "Fly Los Fly"

Los concealed himself outside of the human monarch’s window. He had been there for longer than he had liked. At first, there was nothing to report. He had passed the time by pretending to be a gargoyle which he had found amusing, striking different poses perched atop the tower ledges, watching the winter sky change. He measured the size of his wings next to gargoyle and chuckled when he discovered his were bigger. He marched across the ledge mocking the other gargoyles unfurling his wings to show off, his snorts becoming louder as he declared himself the largest amongst them.

The moon peeked out from the grey clouds, casting a silver glow to the snow below, making it sparkle and twinkle as if the stars had fallen to the ground and buried themselves in the white blanket below. Snow was not something dragons saw much of, even the ice dragons. They made ice but not snow. Los thought about flying down and playing in it just to feel the cool powder on his body, but he knew better than to leave his post. Instead, he settled for listening to the crunch of the snow left on the ledges of the tower beneath his claws. Contrary to popular belief, dragons were not cold-blooded creatures. They actually ran hotter than most, even the ice dragons. It took a lot of energy to make acid, fire, and ice. Their increased metabolism created a lot of heat. In Los’ case, his unique chameleon-like ability also caused a rise in body temperature.

Los continued to play with his stone cousins making funny faces and scary stances when he heard a creature whining and whimpering. The sound flowed from the top of the arch window. The glass was tilted, facing outward, Los examined the size of the window and glanced at his body, it would be a tight fit. He tucked his wings close and slipped into the window. In an instant, Los was the color of the walls in Queen Mary’s room.

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